Our story


MuseumHer is a virtual and physical platform which celebrates all forms of African Art. Located in the heart of Hartbeespoort Dam, we create meaningful art experiences that refers to the past, gives as a perspective of the present and assists us in shaping the future.

Our vision 

To inspire an appreciation of art for the whole of society and to create a lasting legacy for art lovers and artists.

Our values

creative thinking, collaboration, fun, transparency, community

Our founder Carlyn Strydom 

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Carlyn Strydom is an independent curator working in South Africa. She curates exhibitions that speak to her research interests which extend to the role of museums in contemporary society, the use of art as a social tool for upliftment and the role of contemporary African art.

She has over seven years’ experience working in the heritage and art fields in South Africa, which has shaped her vision as a curator. More aligned with the social impact of art, rather than its commercial value, Carlyn continues to engage with art that reflects on our heritage and promotes a peaceful and sustainable future.

Carlyn holds a B.A in English and Media Studies, a B.A Honours in Curatorship and an MPhil in Heritage and Public Culture.